About Juan Gabriel Miguel, P.A.

Miami, Florida family law, divorce, civil litigation and appeals lawyer

Attorney Juan Gabriel Miguel is an attorney who believes that meticulous pretrial preparation is essential to litigation success. He and his dedicated support staff analyze the facts and the sources of contention in each litigated matter. Based on the facts of the case, Mr. Miguel works with each client to develop comprehensive prelitigation and trial strategies that effectively address the main points in the lawsuit. The scope of his practice encompasses:

  • Divorce and family law disputes involving child support, paternity, disestablishment of paternity, child custody, visitation, time-sharing, parenting plans, parental relocation, property distribution, alimony, marital settlement agreements, post-judgment modification and enforcement, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence mediation, international cases and foreign judgments.
  • Civil litigation involving foreclosure defense, personal injury, accidents, negligence, medical malpractice, contracts and enforcement, debts, foreign money judgments, business law, partnership disputes, noncompete agreements, estate planning, estate administration, and wills, trusts and probate.
  • Appeals relating to divorce, family law and civil litigation, as well as preserving the record through the trial court level

Preparation.  Analysis.  Attention to detail.  That's what sets us apart.

Attorney Juan Gabriel Miguel believes that extensive pretrial preparation leads to better outcomes in settlement negotiations and courtroom trials. By doing a thorough job of discovery, Mr. Miguel compels the production of documents which can sometimes provide the lynchpin to trial success. In addition, Mr. Miguel sometimes calls on the assistance of professionals in various fields of expertise to assist him with the analysis of matters at hand. For example, forensic accountants may uncover hidden assets or discover fraudulent uses of company resources, providing the turning point in a litigated matter.  Similarly, investigators and crash reconstruction experts can conduct the necessary footwork and develop insights into circumstances leading up to an accident or injury. These pretrial collaborations may uncover the key to your success in settlement negotiations or trial.

Real-time legal services from a lawyer who cares

Modern technologies allow Mr. Miguel to offer real-time legal services to clients who call or contact the office with questions or concerns about their case. Mr. Miguel is fluent in Spanish and welcomes Spanish-speaking clients. Some benefits of working with the firm include:

  • Diagnosing issues with immediacy by hiring a lawyer who can conduct online record searches for Miami-Dade while you are on the phone, to advise you of any issue that arose after 2008 per the public record.
  • Saving time, gas and money by discussing your legal matter over the phone with a lawyer who is also willing to schedule an appointment at night or on the weekend, given adequate notice.  Our offices are within walking distance of both civil and family courts, saving you money in attorney travel expenses.
  • The advice of a caring legal advocate is readily available, accessible and affordable. When you retain the services of Juan Gabriel Miguel, P.A, you retain the services of a lawyer who returns all calls and answers emails within one business day.

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From offices located in Miami, our attorney often travels to represent clients in regions all across Florida, including but not limited to the Florida Keys and Monroe, Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Hablamos español.